Pokemon Vs Sonic Game

Sonic is not part of the Pokemon crew and it's time to make him answer for his actions. He has been all up in our Pokemon business for weeks now and we must take him out. But beware, Sonic has very powerful strength and agility so he will not be an easy target. In this game the object is to use characters like sonic to take out the Pokemon. The pokemon are trying to make you pay but you must stop them. You must!

This game is up to you for the ending. Will the Pokemon prevail again or will team Rocket win with their new sonic friends. Super villains and super heroes are everywhere. If you are going to play pokemon online then you must choose to battle hard because they are not easy to beat! The power is in your hands, will you be mega man or sonic? Whoever you choose make sure you rock the house on the other team until it collapses and they fall to their doom!

This game is fun to play online because of the diversity in character choices. There are so many different techniques and fighting styles that you can never really get bored of this game. It doesnt matter if you are black or white you are still the champion of this game if you have the right style. Gain style points and accelerate to the next level. We will see you on the other site my dude!


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